Participate in Building Hylo

Hylo is a tech commons, forever open source and free to use. This not-for-profit platform is funded by donations and partnerships, and built by people like you.

Hylo is led by Terran Collective, a group of technologists, community organizers, entrepreneurs, activists, and artists working for the greatest good of all beings. We amplify cooperation among people working to regenerate our communities and our planet. We do this by building systems and tools that foster trust and relationship.

Our partnership with Holo will make it easy to fully decentralize Hylo by porting it to Holochain, so that Hylo will become a peer-to-peer, distributed, and participant-governed community platform.

We are raising funds to support Hylo's development. If you benefit from using Hylo or resonate with our vision, please donate, so we can give Hylo to the world in the spirit of the gift.

Together, let’s write a new story. Join us in building the community platform for people on a mission.

You are part of this story

As an open source tech commons, Hylo is a shared co-creation. We invite you - Hylo community members, friends, stakeholders in a world that work for all - to join us in helping this platform realize its full potential. Here's how you can help.

We are growing our community of developers excited to contribute to this project. Check out the Contribution Guide and codebase to get started.

Aligned Organizations
Is your group using Hylo, or you would like to, and there are specific features you'd like to have? Let's start a conversation about partnering to co-create the tools you need to do your work. Please reach out to and let us know what you envision.

Join the conversation in our open source community, Building Hylo. We want to learn what you need in a community platform and your ideas for how we build it.

The journey ahead

Here's what we want to build next to serve our community. We are raising funds to develop new features that will enhance Hylo's ability to support place-based organizing. These funds will allow us to make Hylo financially self-sustaining by building features like transaction tips, and to deeply engage our volunteer developer community to build and steward the Hylo codebase to benefit all.

If you see a feature you'd like to support, please let us know. To get involved in designing it, building it, or funding it, please reach out at

Holonic Architecture
Hylo has a unique network architecture: communities nested inside networks, creating shared conversation and making coordination between groups possible.

Up Next

Extending holonic architecture to create fractal groups that allow people to coordinate at many scales. We plan to add two additional coordination layers: pods, representing smaller groups, and movements, large-scale values-aligned groups of people and organizations who are trying to create major social change together. Coordinating between communities and networks is critical, because no one group can regenerate the planet single-handedly.

Bioregional Intelligence
We've released the first version of a geographic map to visualize the location of resources, requests, offers, events, members, and communities. There is a lot more to do to help community members understand both the social and ecological landscapes they’re a part of.

Up Next

Draw/Import custom geospatial data Allowing users to draw or import geographic information adds another dimension to the map. Beyond just pinpointing a location with an address, this would allow users to show areas of land stewardship, the range of plant and animal species, and other features of their territory. This feature will create a vibrant tapestry of bioregional information on Hylo.

Global Public Directory
We’ve released the first version of a public directory, through a public map view that shows any public posts or communities that are open to join.

Up Next

Community search page In addition to the public map, we’ll create a page where people can discover or search for communities they’d like to join. This is a huge upgrade for Hylo, which up until now has been invite-only like Slack. Each community that chooses to be publicly discoverable will also have an About page to share information about the community with prospective members.

Collective Project Management
We currently have basic project functionality that groups team members to discuss the task at hand.

Up Next

Enhanced projects featuring cross-network coordination, with roles, tasks with due dates, project boards, and assignments.